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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We have a newborn

Hi all...
Finally I had the opportunity to take the picture of a newborn, was deffinitely a great experience, at first glance I thought will be difficult since they ussually cry, but he didn't and actually he posed for me his goodlooking side for my camera.
Seeing them so calm some times, opening his gray eyes like saying "What are you doing?" was really awesome. I took around 30 pictures of him but I decided to post the one in which he shows his innocence, the one that he shows that they are our future and some how they reveil us how we were when we were 7 weeks old and we don't remember.
We don't remember we were so dependable of our parents and sometimes our babysitters, and sometimes even friends of our parents but never strangers.
I think this picture show us we all have pass for that step in our life, being newborn to life in which everything is new for us.
Seeing things like new can bring a great experience to our lifes, seems like sometimes us like adults lose our astonishment capabilities; we have seen a lot of things, but not so much as elder people.
Have a blessed week.