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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poll to finish project

Dear thirty3faces project fan.
I want to ask you a question, what do you think?
Should thirty3faces project be finished without a famous face?
After contacting, or trying to contact a famous person seems almost impossible to achieve this task, so please take a minute and answer on the poll I have created on the thirty3faces project fan page on facebook.

I do appreciate you answer and please invite more friends.
Thanks in advance.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We are on Facebook

I have put the pictures and make a Facebook Page, promote it, and become a fan.
Check it out in the following link.

Thirty3 Faces Project on Facebook

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Northcott

Hi thirty 3 faces project followers.
I was informed today, that yesterday April 13th 2009, Easter Monday, our dear old american indian friend and thirty 3 faces representative, Mr. Northcott, passed away in the hospital after a heart failure.
I feel sad because I still don't finish my project and he couldn't see it done; however, I feel very glad he participated, I feel very glad I met him and we had a great time together, even though this time was just a couple of hours, the little experiences he shared with us, the jokes and kind words, and overall his enthusiasm and exitment about this project, left a great experience in me, my wife, and himself; as his grandson shared with me later another day after the shooting.
Please remember him in your good thoughts and prayers, he really was a good and kind men I will never forget about.
Thanks again Mr. Northcott, and rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another plans from above

Hi all...
I think this is the most difficult entry I will ever do in this blog.
Things had happen this year which will not only impact my thirty3faces project, but have and will impact my life; here is the background:
My wife and I came to this country thanks to a working Visa her company gave us since almost 5 years ago and which expire in June this year; her company is unable to renew this Visa so they are giving her another visa in which she is still able to work but not me. I talked this with my boss last year, his response was positive, he didn't want to loss me, so he sponsor me with another Visa, the H1B which will granted me work for this company for 3 years, we decided to buy our home in May and everything was so great.
New years our company got bought by the biggest company in USA in the same field, and they won't keep Memphis shop open; that means I will loss my job and my ability to work in USA.
Right now everything points us to go back to Mexico, losing our house and our jobs.
It's like a combination of sadness, nostalgy, joy and hope. We feel sad because things we are losing, but anyway are just things and maybe some money; nostalgy because of the feelings, friends and experiences we have made in this country; joy because we will go back home; and hope... because we still hope some things change in the following months for us.
Seems like there are another plans from above for my wife and me, and for this project.
I feel the commitment to finish it, even with no famous person in it, just another 2 faces, one from Africa which I am still looking and another one from South America.
I want to thank all of you who have, in some way or another, participated in this project; I just hope I can finish it before I have to leave.
More than ever need your prayers, they have been given us peace and hope; and after all... we feel happy.
God blesses you.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feliz Año Nuevo, Happy new year

I think there is no culture who doesn't celebrate new year.
With the new year, hoping to finish the proyect soon, we finally have the website in three languages, english, french and spanish.
Even though spanish is my first language, (as you can tell for my writing), I never gave me the time to translate what I first did in english to spanish, the translation was easy and quick.
My best wishes for everybody. Peace

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Christmas time

First of all, let me tell everybody involved in one way or another in this project, I wish you have the most wonderful, happy and blessed time this Christmas.
By now all models and people involved in the project have received a Christmas card from me and my wife, (if you have not let me know), and for those who didn't notice, the picture of the Christmas tree in the card is one of my pictures. I shoot it around 3 years ago when I was still living in "La Paz" Mexico. I were ask to donate that picture to the "Phoenix Club" in order to them to raise money with their Christmas cards (; I feel very honored they have choose my card and put my little bio on it with the link to this project, which I whish do the same as that card, good to other people who needs it.

Part of the Christmas, is about the gifts; and I want to share with you my personal thinking about gifts; I really believe everybody should have a gift for themselves to get, to buy or to commit. It's really good to receive gifts from others as well, even better, to give gifts to others; but there are things in our own hearts that only we and God know, things we wish, things we want; and the good thing is that best things in this world you can't buy them so this task of giving ourselves a gift is much simple looking at this way.
I have received a lot of good gifts this year, the gift of this project almost done, the gift to meet so much wonderful people from so much different backgrounds, ages and countries, the gift of my work that I still have, innumerable ammount of gifts... but there is still my gift for myself; this year the gift for my self from my self is an advice; somehow this advice was created in my mind when I was planning to write a letter to a friend who is in the artistic area; and suddenly I feel that advice is perfect also for me and I decided to give it to my self.
Do you really want to know... I guess if don't you won't be reading this far, right? hahaha... OK...
"Writers are because of their readers, musicians because of their listeners; so artists are becuase of the people who likes their art; therefore art comes from people so it should go to people. Never leave the apportunity to do a good to another person using your art as the way, same as your work and your talents. You won't regret; and you will be happy"

Merry Christmas and the best for the coming year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Few Words From Kenan & Mirela

My husband and I recently participated in the Thirty 3 Faces project and I wanted to share few words about our experience. I was really impressed with the whole process, the way he set everything up, lighting... All of it was so professional. Beside that it was so enjoyable for both of us.

I felt great; I am guessing that is how the models feel on a photo shoot... And the photos turned out great. So, thank you Emanuel, we both enjoyed it a lot and we are glad to add 2 Bosnian faces to your collection... Take care.


Friday, November 14, 2008

November update

November has been a great month for thirty3 faces project.
The good news is that we have just 2 more to go and the project will be done, a person from Lithuania, who is actually wife and mother of another two in this project, so we have a complete family, which is nice and gives the project that perspective that I am looking for since the beginning.
Also, I have sent letters to some famous people, I sent 8 letters and around 15 emails to different people from the entertaintment, music or books industry asking them to participate in the project with their picture taken and so far just one replied, he replied he is working too much but promise if he is close to Memphis he will call...
The one who replied is one of my favorite actors and is a person that I admire not only for his acting but for his way to live the life and to receive a response from him was most that he is the congruent and kind person I though he will be. Wonderful gentleman to whom I want to thank in this blog, Mr. Martin Sheen; even though the answer was a no I fell still hopefull to have a famous person in the project and give it even more sense to the original idea.
For thos in USA, be safe and cool this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving day
In Mexico thankgsgiving is like any other day, work, school, etc... Don't know about any other country but I think is like in Mexico. I have always have the idea that Thanksgiving is an USA holiday, let me know if I am wrong.
God blesses you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We have a newborn

Hi all...
Finally I had the opportunity to take the picture of a newborn, was deffinitely a great experience, at first glance I thought will be difficult since they ussually cry, but he didn't and actually he posed for me his goodlooking side for my camera.
Seeing them so calm some times, opening his gray eyes like saying "What are you doing?" was really awesome. I took around 30 pictures of him but I decided to post the one in which he shows his innocence, the one that he shows that they are our future and some how they reveil us how we were when we were 7 weeks old and we don't remember.
We don't remember we were so dependable of our parents and sometimes our babysitters, and sometimes even friends of our parents but never strangers.
I think this picture show us we all have pass for that step in our life, being newborn to life in which everything is new for us.
Seeing things like new can bring a great experience to our lifes, seems like sometimes us like adults lose our astonishment capabilities; we have seen a lot of things, but not so much as elder people.
Have a blessed week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm glad I wasn't draped in the Australian flag ...

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I participated in the Thirty 3 Faces project and have been invited to write about my experience here! I am guessing Emanuel means my experience with the Thirty 3 Faces project, not my life story which would start with "I was born in a town in rural New South Wales called Wagga Wagga ..."

I heard about the Thirty 3 Faces project from a friend of mine at the gym who also participated ... she asked if I would be willing to have my photo taken for an online project where they were trying to get photos of people from all different countries all over the world. I am originally from Australia, and have been living in America since 1999. I said sure, and agreed to it without really knowing any more about it!

I didn't really know what to expect, so on July 12th this year (which also happened to be my birthday!) I went to see Emanuel to have my photo taken. All I really knew is to wear something that didn't have sleeves so that my shoulders could be bare. I took my 5-year-old daughter Charlotte and her friend Ireland with me too ... that turned out to be a mistake as they ran around Emanuel's house playing hide and seek in his closets the whole time we were there! They were also so surprised to hear Charlotte speaking Spanish that she had learned at her Foreign Language daycare!

Anyway, Emanuel made me feel very comfortable and gave great direction so I could have the right expressions for the photos. I was so glad that it was something simple and classic, instead of making people try and look like they are from their home country .... for example draping me in the Australian flag and making me hold a toy koala or something!

I am happy with the way the photos turned out - and I am very self-critical, and don't enjoy being in front of the camera - and everyone I have shown this site to thinks it is a great idea!

So, I hope some more people post about their experiences and perhaps we can talk about other things that make our countries and backgrounds different than where we are all living now?

P.S. I just became an American citizen on September 2nd this year! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We have a blog

Hi there. Finally I decide to get this step and create a blog for my fist project thirty 3 faces.
Just to promote it a little bit more and share the stories that I have lived so far making this.

Hola a todos. Finalmente me he decidido a tomar el paso de crear un blog acerca de mi primer proyecto fotografico treinta y 3 caras. Solo para promoverlo y compartir las historias que hasta ahora he vivido en este caminar.