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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another plans from above

Hi all...
I think this is the most difficult entry I will ever do in this blog.
Things had happen this year which will not only impact my thirty3faces project, but have and will impact my life; here is the background:
My wife and I came to this country thanks to a working Visa her company gave us since almost 5 years ago and which expire in June this year; her company is unable to renew this Visa so they are giving her another visa in which she is still able to work but not me. I talked this with my boss last year, his response was positive, he didn't want to loss me, so he sponsor me with another Visa, the H1B which will granted me work for this company for 3 years, we decided to buy our home in May and everything was so great.
New years our company got bought by the biggest company in USA in the same field, and they won't keep Memphis shop open; that means I will loss my job and my ability to work in USA.
Right now everything points us to go back to Mexico, losing our house and our jobs.
It's like a combination of sadness, nostalgy, joy and hope. We feel sad because things we are losing, but anyway are just things and maybe some money; nostalgy because of the feelings, friends and experiences we have made in this country; joy because we will go back home; and hope... because we still hope some things change in the following months for us.
Seems like there are another plans from above for my wife and me, and for this project.
I feel the commitment to finish it, even with no famous person in it, just another 2 faces, one from Africa which I am still looking and another one from South America.
I want to thank all of you who have, in some way or another, participated in this project; I just hope I can finish it before I have to leave.
More than ever need your prayers, they have been given us peace and hope; and after all... we feel happy.
God blesses you.