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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Northcott

Hi thirty 3 faces project followers.
I was informed today, that yesterday April 13th 2009, Easter Monday, our dear old american indian friend and thirty 3 faces representative, Mr. Northcott, passed away in the hospital after a heart failure.
I feel sad because I still don't finish my project and he couldn't see it done; however, I feel very glad he participated, I feel very glad I met him and we had a great time together, even though this time was just a couple of hours, the little experiences he shared with us, the jokes and kind words, and overall his enthusiasm and exitment about this project, left a great experience in me, my wife, and himself; as his grandson shared with me later another day after the shooting.
Please remember him in your good thoughts and prayers, he really was a good and kind men I will never forget about.
Thanks again Mr. Northcott, and rest in peace.