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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Christmas time

First of all, let me tell everybody involved in one way or another in this project, I wish you have the most wonderful, happy and blessed time this Christmas.
By now all models and people involved in the project have received a Christmas card from me and my wife, (if you have not let me know), and for those who didn't notice, the picture of the Christmas tree in the card is one of my pictures. I shoot it around 3 years ago when I was still living in "La Paz" Mexico. I were ask to donate that picture to the "Phoenix Club" in order to them to raise money with their Christmas cards (; I feel very honored they have choose my card and put my little bio on it with the link to this project, which I whish do the same as that card, good to other people who needs it.

Part of the Christmas, is about the gifts; and I want to share with you my personal thinking about gifts; I really believe everybody should have a gift for themselves to get, to buy or to commit. It's really good to receive gifts from others as well, even better, to give gifts to others; but there are things in our own hearts that only we and God know, things we wish, things we want; and the good thing is that best things in this world you can't buy them so this task of giving ourselves a gift is much simple looking at this way.
I have received a lot of good gifts this year, the gift of this project almost done, the gift to meet so much wonderful people from so much different backgrounds, ages and countries, the gift of my work that I still have, innumerable ammount of gifts... but there is still my gift for myself; this year the gift for my self from my self is an advice; somehow this advice was created in my mind when I was planning to write a letter to a friend who is in the artistic area; and suddenly I feel that advice is perfect also for me and I decided to give it to my self.
Do you really want to know... I guess if don't you won't be reading this far, right? hahaha... OK...
"Writers are because of their readers, musicians because of their listeners; so artists are becuase of the people who likes their art; therefore art comes from people so it should go to people. Never leave the apportunity to do a good to another person using your art as the way, same as your work and your talents. You won't regret; and you will be happy"

Merry Christmas and the best for the coming year.

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