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Friday, November 14, 2008

November update

November has been a great month for thirty3 faces project.
The good news is that we have just 2 more to go and the project will be done, a person from Lithuania, who is actually wife and mother of another two in this project, so we have a complete family, which is nice and gives the project that perspective that I am looking for since the beginning.
Also, I have sent letters to some famous people, I sent 8 letters and around 15 emails to different people from the entertaintment, music or books industry asking them to participate in the project with their picture taken and so far just one replied, he replied he is working too much but promise if he is close to Memphis he will call...
The one who replied is one of my favorite actors and is a person that I admire not only for his acting but for his way to live the life and to receive a response from him was most that he is the congruent and kind person I though he will be. Wonderful gentleman to whom I want to thank in this blog, Mr. Martin Sheen; even though the answer was a no I fell still hopefull to have a famous person in the project and give it even more sense to the original idea.
For thos in USA, be safe and cool this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving day
In Mexico thankgsgiving is like any other day, work, school, etc... Don't know about any other country but I think is like in Mexico. I have always have the idea that Thanksgiving is an USA holiday, let me know if I am wrong.
God blesses you.

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